Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Roller Derby gifts under $10! Sweetheartsinner

As a fan of watching some kick butt roller derby, I decided to make it a point to design roller skating and roller derby inspired designs! I am slowly growing my stock and hope to become the source for roller derby gals and special gifts for them!  

Sweetheartsinner offers pill case, cigarette case, & necklaces with zombie, roller derby, retro, mermaid, kitsch, pinup, rockabilly, psychobilly, tattoo, sideshow, pulp fiction, horror, art nouveau, steampunk, goth, lowbrow, punk, art deco and other designs.

Thanks to all those few who buy roller derby designs! I know this subject matter for a design will not get a lot of buyers, but I really want to show my support for this awesome sport by doing a few new designs for roller derby enthusiasts!  It's never enough to show your support for your local roller derby league! I even made my local Atlanta Team free necklaces, cases, and pill cases for them all!
My roller derby designs make the perfect gifts for your Roller Derby Girl! Give them a pill case with a roller design and fill it with vitamins to show that special gal how she need to keep her strength up for the match!
  Give that special gal a cigarette or ID case so wherever she goes, she can spread her passion for the sport and culture every time she pays for something or gets her ID out! You'd be surprised at how much publicity a roller derby case can generate! Let her proudly wear a roller derby design on a necklace that shows everyone her punk inspired vibe and free kick butt spirit!
Nearly all contemporary roller derby leagues are all-female and self-organized, and furthermore were formed in an indie, DIY spirit by relatively new roller derby enthusiasts. These leagues deploy traditional quad roller skates, and a punk aesthetic and/or ethic is often prominent. In other words, this sport typifies everything about powerful females!


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