Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from Sweetheartsinner 2013

PILL CASES for SALE on Ebay by Sweetheartsinner

Sweetheartsinner pill cases make awesome gifts and stocking stuffers! At only $7.50 each or 3 for $20 (plus free domestic shipping for the 3 for $20 deal!), they make great gifts. Perfect for friends, co-workers, and family-or even for yourself. They hold vitamins, coins, eyelashes, pills, and guitar pics. Sweetheartsinner has over 500 designs to chose from covering all topics from goth to art deco to roller derby. We have dozens of great original art designs as well! Our sayings also rock!

Edgar Allan Poe Domination S&M Fetish


Edgar Allan Poe has been a bad boy lately! Check out our newest Poe creations!

The Best Zombie Themd Gifts in the World!

Pill cases are only $7.50 each or 3 for $20 plus FREE U.S. Shipping!
Handmade necklaces are only $7.00 to 8.99 each!
Our Cigarette, Business card, and ID Wallet cases are only $9.99 each or 3 for $25!

Sweetheartsinner on Ebay


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Edgar Allan Poe Products at Sweetheartsinner

Sweetheartsinner has probably more Edgar Allan Poe related designs and motiffs in our products than any other seller of jewelry, ID wallets and cigarette cases, and pill cases on earth! We love Edgar Allan Poe because he created some of the most enduring works of literature on top of actually creating many genres of fiction. The Raven is probably the most famous poem of the 1800's and is a classic in its imagery and horror. The gothic elements of Poe's writings are inspiring and his iconic image has become associated with horror and the dark and macabre. Sweetheartsinner has over 75 designs with Edgar Allan Poe! Our products make awesome gifts for the Poe fanatic!


In personal appearance, Poe was a quiet, shy-looking but handsome man; he was slightly built, and was five feet, eight inches in height. His mouth was considered beautiful. His eyes, with long dark lashes, were hazel-gray.

Art Nouveau Gifts at Sweetheartsinner


Art Nouveau is an international movement and style of art, architecture and applied art—especially the decorative arts—that peaked in popularity at the turn of the 20th century (1890–1905). The name 'Art nouveau' is French for 'new art'. The term "Edwardian" comes from King Edward who was King of England during this era. The look is very stylish and distinctive. As a lover of art and vintage photography, sweetheartsinner has a wide selection of art nouveau, edwardian era, and victorian  themed cases for sale-over 80 designs! These make excellent gifts for that lover of this era and art and design!
We make several designs on pill cases and trinket boxes that feature art nouveau, victorian, and edwardian motiffs! Look through our store or type in those keywords to see our full selection!
We offer a wide selection of victorian, edwardian, and art nouveau necklace designs! They make the perfect gift!  Please make sure to thoroughly peruse every category, because we have hundreds of different designs and you never know where you might find the perfect item. Our necklaces truly make awesome, unique gifts for friends, family, girlfriends/boyfriends, or whomever you might think of. And at under $10, these are also good on your wallet without a sacrafice in quality or design!

ZOMBIE Art Products at Sweetheartsinner!

Sweetheartsinner offers the largest selection of zombie and living dead psychobilly designs on pill cases and trinket boxes in the world! I am certain of this!

My goal in making these zombie creations is to come up with wicked designs that you would never find in a regular store and is truly DIY and not mass produced. I love Zombie movies and am pretty fanatical about them! Romero's Night of the Living Dead and the newer Dawn of the Dead are my favorites despite the entire fast vs. slow zombie debate! I also love the psychobilly and horror elements of zombie designs and artwork and work to make up fun designs! As a fan of vintage gore and having a sense of humor, I also enjoy the newer "Shawn of the Dead" type movies and I try to incorporate a variety of zombie humor themes in my designs!

Sweetheartsinner offers the largest selection of zombie and living dead psychobilly designs on cigarette cases and metal ID wallets in the world! No sane big box mass manufacturer would ever dare to make so many zombie products!

Everytime you  reach for this, you will be reminded of the living dead!


Mermaid Products at Sweetheartsinner Etsy

Sweetheartsinner offers one of the largest selections of mermaid themes and designs on cigarette and ID wallet cases in the world!  As lovers of mermiad imagery, we are proud to offer a wide selection of mermaids. Gorgeous pinup mermaids and art nouveau mermaids grace our case designs along with vintage mermaid tattoo imagery! We currently have over 40 designs to chose from!

Sweetheartsinner Retro Gifts!


Sweetheartsinner offers a wide selection of retro kitsch humor based imagery on pillcases and small trinket boxes, cigarette and ID cases, and necklaces!

As collectors of vintage paperbacks, pulp magazines, and pinup artwork we have long loved this vintage imagery. Astrid also even co-edited a book on vintage paperbacks called "Sin-A-Rama" of which 75% of the picture shown are actual paperbacks from our massive collection! Having a sense of humor also helps in teaming up vintage art with cool sayings and off the wall humor! These will brighten the day of any recipient-even yourself!

My goal in making these creations is to come up with wicked designs that you would never find in a regular store and is truly DIY and not mass produced. Because I collect vintage popular culture, I know what to create because I make things that I wear myself and am proud to have created! I am also in love with lowbrow art (aka the pop surrealism movement) and my home is a litteral art gallery, floor to ceiling art to whet any hepcat's palate! In creating these items just for all you cool guys and dolls out there, I love to cull from the oddest little nooks and crannies of pop culture, rockabilly, goth, emo, punk, kitsch, pinup, psychobilly, tattoo, and more so that you never know what kind of strange, wonderful creations you might find!  My products truly make awesome, unique gifts for friends, family, girlfriends/boyfriends, or whomever you might think of.

Roller Derby gifts under $10! Sweetheartsinner

As a fan of watching some kick butt roller derby, I decided to make it a point to design roller skating and roller derby inspired designs! I am slowly growing my stock and hope to become the source for roller derby gals and special gifts for them!  

Sweetheartsinner offers pill case, cigarette case, & necklaces with zombie, roller derby, retro, mermaid, kitsch, pinup, rockabilly, psychobilly, tattoo, sideshow, pulp fiction, horror, art nouveau, steampunk, goth, lowbrow, punk, art deco and other designs.

Thanks to all those few who buy roller derby designs! I know this subject matter for a design will not get a lot of buyers, but I really want to show my support for this awesome sport by doing a few new designs for roller derby enthusiasts!  It's never enough to show your support for your local roller derby league! I even made my local Atlanta Team free necklaces, cases, and pill cases for them all!
My roller derby designs make the perfect gifts for your Roller Derby Girl! Give them a pill case with a roller design and fill it with vitamins to show that special gal how she need to keep her strength up for the match!
  Give that special gal a cigarette or ID case so wherever she goes, she can spread her passion for the sport and culture every time she pays for something or gets her ID out! You'd be surprised at how much publicity a roller derby case can generate! Let her proudly wear a roller derby design on a necklace that shows everyone her punk inspired vibe and free kick butt spirit!
Nearly all contemporary roller derby leagues are all-female and self-organized, and furthermore were formed in an indie, DIY spirit by relatively new roller derby enthusiasts. These leagues deploy traditional quad roller skates, and a punk aesthetic and/or ethic is often prominent. In other words, this sport typifies everything about powerful females!


Sweetheartsinner Steampunk Pill Case Designs

Our newest line of higher end pill cases feature various motiffs using brass and other metals. These range in price from $17.50 to $20 each. There is nothing else like these offered on the internet because Sweetheartsinner exclusively makes these! With brass filigree accents and molded charms, these are three dimensional designs! Please check out store for our full selection! You can see the link on the sidebar under steampunk pill cases!
These are so cool because they don't look like pill cases but rather decorative little pieces of art! The 3-D aspect of the designs makes these miniature works of art. Each pill case has a removeable tri-separator which can be removed to fit larger items! These boxes can hold false eyelashes, guitar pics, pills, vitamins, change, and other small items like rings and earrings! They can even be used as a cool "gift box" for a small item!
These make great gifts for any occasion! Add a bottle of vitamins and have a perfect gift to give your loved one that says "I care about you" so take your vitamins! It makes perfect gift for that hard to shop for person and a gift they will never find except online at sweetheartsinner creations! They also all come gift boxed as well!


Sweetheartsinner Stempunk Rings!

Our steampunk inspired and victorian motiffs on rings have been very popular. Our rings are made from quality materials and are all hand assembled and made with love! All of our rings are adjustable and uni-sex.
Our rings make awesome unexpected gifts or stocking stuffers. Each comes gift boxed. Our prices are the lowest on the internet for these types of ring design but our quality is still high! Please look elsewhere and you'll agree! We have the best deals on the internet for these types of rings because we are willing to make less profit on each ring based on the material cost of each ring. We know that many sellers who make these type of steampunk rings raise their prices so crazily, it makes us sick! I mean there is making a profit and there is making a killing! We don't want to kill our customers! We would rather sell more rings at a cheaper price to get them out to all people than a few rings at a artificially raised price to only some people like other sellers do!

Our victorian and steampunk inspired rings featuire filigree bases, victorian accents, and unique charms. These are all handmade crafts made in Atlanta, GA. All rings are adjustable and  uni-sex. These make excellent gifts and all come in a gift box!


Sweetheartsinner Steampunk Necklaces & Jewelry


Our line of steampunk and victoriana themed necklaces feature antiqued metals and settings and accents that infuse gears, watch parts, and animal and insect motifs all on elaborate settings and necklaces. These range in price from $14 to $25.
Sweethearstinner finds inspiration in victorian ephemera, art nouveau and art deco, and the fantastical worlds of science fiction such as those portrayed by H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. Our photo pendants are in uniquely framed settings made by us in our Studio in Atlanta and  solely unique to our designs.
Sweetheartsinner necklaces are all quality made and hand-assembled. These are also uni-sex and in most cases, the necklace chains can be cut down to be shorter if needed! Check out our growing selection of cool necklaces! We purposely price our steampunk necklace "higher end line" lower than anone else, despite keeping our quality high, because we want more people to have these awesome little works of art.

Sweetheartsinner Necklaces! Awesome haqndmade pendent jewelry!


Our $7 to $8.99 necklaces are hand made in our studio in the USA. We use a kiln and hand cast our pendant settings. We hand paint and sand each setting. We then create and add imagery for our necklaces inspired by popular culture. Sweetheartsinner offers one of the largest selections of such designs on quality hand made necklaces-all made in the USA-even our ballchains are American made! This is one of the very few things that is almost fully made by us. The only exception for our necklaces is the tiny jumpring which is made in China. But besdies, that we work hard to try to exclusively make our own stuff up in our own studio because we believe in personal craftwork which is the hallmark of DIY type items! 

Sweetheartsinner specializes in necklaces featuring designs that showcase rockabilly, pinup, pulp inspired humor, retro kitsch, steampunk, victoriana, zombie, roller derby, horror, goth, occult, tattoo, punk, psychobilly, pop culture, victorian, flapper, Alice in Wonderland, Japanese & Geisha, kawaii, storybook, illusion art, sideshow, vintage advertising and other esoteric designs.
Our necklaces make a perfect, affordable gift for teachers, loved ones, birthdays, weddings, holidays, anniversaries, sisters, brothers, grandmothers, friends, extended family, and of course, a little something special for yourself! Each necklaces comes in a specially designed baggie with a colorful insert!