Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sweetheartsinner Steampunk Necklaces & Jewelry


Our line of steampunk and victoriana themed necklaces feature antiqued metals and settings and accents that infuse gears, watch parts, and animal and insect motifs all on elaborate settings and necklaces. These range in price from $14 to $25.
Sweethearstinner finds inspiration in victorian ephemera, art nouveau and art deco, and the fantastical worlds of science fiction such as those portrayed by H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. Our photo pendants are in uniquely framed settings made by us in our Studio in Atlanta and  solely unique to our designs.
Sweetheartsinner necklaces are all quality made and hand-assembled. These are also uni-sex and in most cases, the necklace chains can be cut down to be shorter if needed! Check out our growing selection of cool necklaces! We purposely price our steampunk necklace "higher end line" lower than anone else, despite keeping our quality high, because we want more people to have these awesome little works of art.

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