Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sweetheartsinner Stempunk Rings!

Our steampunk inspired and victorian motiffs on rings have been very popular. Our rings are made from quality materials and are all hand assembled and made with love! All of our rings are adjustable and uni-sex.
Our rings make awesome unexpected gifts or stocking stuffers. Each comes gift boxed. Our prices are the lowest on the internet for these types of ring design but our quality is still high! Please look elsewhere and you'll agree! We have the best deals on the internet for these types of rings because we are willing to make less profit on each ring based on the material cost of each ring. We know that many sellers who make these type of steampunk rings raise their prices so crazily, it makes us sick! I mean there is making a profit and there is making a killing! We don't want to kill our customers! We would rather sell more rings at a cheaper price to get them out to all people than a few rings at a artificially raised price to only some people like other sellers do!

Our victorian and steampunk inspired rings featuire filigree bases, victorian accents, and unique charms. These are all handmade crafts made in Atlanta, GA. All rings are adjustable and  uni-sex. These make excellent gifts and all come in a gift box!


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