Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Edgar Allan Poe Products at Sweetheartsinner

Sweetheartsinner has probably more Edgar Allan Poe related designs and motiffs in our products than any other seller of jewelry, ID wallets and cigarette cases, and pill cases on earth! We love Edgar Allan Poe because he created some of the most enduring works of literature on top of actually creating many genres of fiction. The Raven is probably the most famous poem of the 1800's and is a classic in its imagery and horror. The gothic elements of Poe's writings are inspiring and his iconic image has become associated with horror and the dark and macabre. Sweetheartsinner has over 75 designs with Edgar Allan Poe! Our products make awesome gifts for the Poe fanatic!


In personal appearance, Poe was a quiet, shy-looking but handsome man; he was slightly built, and was five feet, eight inches in height. His mouth was considered beautiful. His eyes, with long dark lashes, were hazel-gray.

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