Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sweetheartsinner Necklaces! Awesome haqndmade pendent jewelry!


Our $7 to $8.99 necklaces are hand made in our studio in the USA. We use a kiln and hand cast our pendant settings. We hand paint and sand each setting. We then create and add imagery for our necklaces inspired by popular culture. Sweetheartsinner offers one of the largest selections of such designs on quality hand made necklaces-all made in the USA-even our ballchains are American made! This is one of the very few things that is almost fully made by us. The only exception for our necklaces is the tiny jumpring which is made in China. But besdies, that we work hard to try to exclusively make our own stuff up in our own studio because we believe in personal craftwork which is the hallmark of DIY type items! 

Sweetheartsinner specializes in necklaces featuring designs that showcase rockabilly, pinup, pulp inspired humor, retro kitsch, steampunk, victoriana, zombie, roller derby, horror, goth, occult, tattoo, punk, psychobilly, pop culture, victorian, flapper, Alice in Wonderland, Japanese & Geisha, kawaii, storybook, illusion art, sideshow, vintage advertising and other esoteric designs.
Our necklaces make a perfect, affordable gift for teachers, loved ones, birthdays, weddings, holidays, anniversaries, sisters, brothers, grandmothers, friends, extended family, and of course, a little something special for yourself! Each necklaces comes in a specially designed baggie with a colorful insert!

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