Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sweetheartsinner Steampunk Pill Case Designs

Our newest line of higher end pill cases feature various motiffs using brass and other metals. These range in price from $17.50 to $20 each. There is nothing else like these offered on the internet because Sweetheartsinner exclusively makes these! With brass filigree accents and molded charms, these are three dimensional designs! Please check out store for our full selection! You can see the link on the sidebar under steampunk pill cases!
These are so cool because they don't look like pill cases but rather decorative little pieces of art! The 3-D aspect of the designs makes these miniature works of art. Each pill case has a removeable tri-separator which can be removed to fit larger items! These boxes can hold false eyelashes, guitar pics, pills, vitamins, change, and other small items like rings and earrings! They can even be used as a cool "gift box" for a small item!
These make great gifts for any occasion! Add a bottle of vitamins and have a perfect gift to give your loved one that says "I care about you" so take your vitamins! It makes perfect gift for that hard to shop for person and a gift they will never find except online at sweetheartsinner creations! They also all come gift boxed as well!


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