Friday, July 24, 2015

A Guide to Bad Girl Vintage Paperbacks

Bad Girl Vintage Paperback Showcase

Featured here is a small group of "bad girl" themed vintage paperbacks. These vintage pulps feature awesome titles, cover blurbs, and illustration art! 

A book of short stories about BAD GIRLS! They prowl the underworld for kicks! Why yes they do! Classic 1950's James Dean looking bad boy thug hipster on this vintage pulp! She is certainly ready for that action!

She'll Get Hers! She always does...she's a bad girl! Just look at that face! WOW! Looks like she just took a shot of heroin in her arm!

The Wild One. She always gets what she wants! Look at that smoking hottie! Ready to take it to the streets! You gotta smoke a cigarette if you are a 1950's bad girl cover!

Trailer Park Trash in this 1962 novel from Monarch Books. The Trailer Park Girls always take their loving where they can! Carefree bad girls in action! Check out that shirt!

Woman Without Morals. Beacuase if you are a bad girl, you just have to leave morals at home. She will whip you good!

A vintage pulp with the title of "Hell Bent"! She could tantalize and tease but she knew how to please!!! The story of Joan who loved her way out of the gutter and back! Classic vintage paperback blurb! Great art of a male menace!

BAD GIRL. Not Sorry. It's as simple as that! A great pill box that can be had for just $7.50 here!
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How Girls Go Wrong. From a vintage pulp magazine from the 1930's! Vice Exposures! Read this book to avoid the pitfalls of Life! The shame, horror, and sadness! Cigarette case design is only $9.99 here!

Asylum of Hell! A sleaze paperback from the 1960's! This shows a very sexy cover of a beautiful woman taking advantage of a cowering male figure. 

That completes this short tour of BAD GIRL designs from the golden age of Vintage Paperback and Pulp Illustrations!

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