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A Guide to Stocking Stuffers for under $10

A Guide to Stocking Stuffers for under $10

Christmas is around the corner and you are looking for some cool little gifts for your many friends and family members! What to do? Look all over the internet to find the perfect gift, pay multiple shipping fees, and drive yourself crazy? NO WAY! Let's make Christmas shopping easy this year! Here is a list of stocking stuffers for under $10 which make great stocking stuffers and gifts that you can get from one store!! When you are in a rush and have to buy many stocking stuffers of gifts and want to go to one store for them all to get things that are unique to each person you are wanting a gift for, we suggest SWEETHEARTSINNER CREATIONS

They are an etsy store that is tried and true and has been around for years. They have a great reputation with thousands of positive feedback from customers all over the world. They sell their wares on ebay and amazon as well but we advise supporting small business through ETSY.COM! Sweetheartsinner specialize in cigarette cases, wallets, pill cases, and necklaces, as well as steampunk jewelry. 95% of their items are under $10 and they offer so many designs that you can find a gift for any person on your stocking stuffer list ! 

1. NECKLACES: Okay, so you have a few Friends that love jewelry and have quirky interests? You have one that is super geeky? Have one that loves vintage tattoo flash art? Have one that is into art deco? No problem, because sweetheartsinner has pendant necklaces with all of these design types!

Astrid is here modeling a sweetheartsinner sailor girl tattoo necklace! Only $7 bucks! It is made from a setting that was hand made from a kiln here in the USA by Sweetheartsinner! The setting has then been hand painted, a metal jumpring added by hand, and a ballchain necklace added to a specially made packaging. A great stocking stuffer Christmas gift!

Astrid is modeling a Roller derby Necklace which has a roller skate skull and crossbones design on pink! She also holds a stand alone Roller Derby Vintage graphic pendant! Only $7.00 each! Sweetheartsinner has hundreds of different designs on pendents that will suit any taste! Perfect stocking stuffers that are unique, handmade in the USA by a small business etsy store, and are artsy and different! 

Here Astrid models a steampunk fairy girl locket necklace. It features a beautiful brass based fairy girl on a locket setting and is only $15.00! A nice stocking stuffer that is thoughtful and cool at the same time! More than $10, but worth it! You can find hundreds of necklaces for only $7.00 each at SWEETHEARTSINNER! These are handmade and make perfect stocking stuffers! A special 3 necklaces for $20 and free shipping can be had here! That's 3 gifts down! But what else do you need to buy?

2. PILL CASES: Why not pill cases for family members and friends? These make great small stocking stuffers, are useful, and can be used to not only hold pills but also other small items. I hold asprin and tylenol in mine and keep one box in each car! My friends hold guitar pics in theirs, and mu grandparents use them for their daily pills when they need to leave the house and still need a place to bring their pills without having to carry around their weekly pill organizing box! Swetheartsinner has over 700 designs! They have everything from giant spiders attacking pin up girl pill cases for that lover of B-movies to pill case designs with vintage typewriters on them for that writer in your life! From Sugar skull pill cases to Pop art designs to vintage Victorian pill case designs, they have it all! These are only $7.50 each and are super affordable! Take advantage of their special 3 for $20 deal! You get to pick 3 designs for $20 and free shipping to the USA is included! Great stocking stuffers!

Here Astrid is wearing a Art Nouveau necklace which has 2 women kissing ($7.00) and also is holding a Kitschy Nerd Owl Pill Case ($7.50)!

3. Cigarette Cases, Wallets, and Business Card Holders. Everyone needs a nice metal box which has multiple uses! These cases serve that function! They make excellent small stocking stuffers. For the smokers, they hold 20 standard size cigarettes. Many of my friends use these for wallets to hold cash, credit cards, and student IDs. Other friends use these to hold business cards. Sweetheartsinner has over 1,000 designs to choose from! Take advantage of their special 3 cases for $25 deal on these! Sweetheartsinner has the coolest, most interesting designs on these useful items. Designs range from roller derby, pin ups, steampunk, horror themes, fine art, to pop art, art nouveau, and visionary art, Alice in Wonderland, among much more!

Astrid is modeling a Sweetheartsinner handmade Gypsy Girl pendant, which is on a 18" ballchain necklace. This is only $7.00 and is a hand forged kiln-made pendent setting with a hand cut and inserted image of a beautiful gypsy girl from the 1920's.  Astrid is also holding a wonderful 'Tree Man" cigarette case, which can also be used as a wallet or business card case. This is a great item for everyday uses and only $9.99 each!

With Christmas, it is always hectic to find good stocking stuffers that can accommodate several people on your gift list. Finding ONE store that can do this is great! Getting combines shipping costs is also good! Sweetheartsinner has over 2500 items for sale-95% under $10 bucks! These make perfect gifts and stocking stuffers! SWEETHEARTSINNER CREATIONS offers hundreds of great designs on pill boxescigarette cases, wallet, business card cases, and necklaces. These are awesome, thoughtful, art-invoking, cool stocking stuffer Christmas gifts! Hope this Guide to Stocking Stuffers helps your Christmas shopping out!

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