Friday, July 17, 2015

Best Place for Marijuana Cigarette Cases & Joint Stash Boxes


These are the very best cases for your weed and dope on the Internet. Several are original designs. These are the perfect size for your joints. They are made from light weight solid metal and feature sexy pinup pulp illustrations alone with Marijuana Girl themes. Perfect for anyone who loves to smoke reefer! 
This vintage poster dates from the 1930's and was for a movie that denounced Marijuana as the devil's drug! It is super kitschy and very fun! This great case is only $9.99 here!
She couldn't say no to dope! She always loves to eat reefer brownies! Yummy! Forbidden thrills! This great case is only $9.99 here!
This beautiful blonde got her kicks smoking dope! She's a sexy pawn in the reefer madness. She also loves to drink booze while she gets high! Her glass is empty! This great case is only $9.99 here!
She loved the weed of hell and pot parties! This sexy blonde is one dope doll! Total retro hottie! This great case is only $9.99 here!
A paperback cover from 1960 featuring N.R. De Mexico's novel "Marijuana Girl". She traded her body for drugs and kicks!! A classic cover from 1960! This great case is only $9.99 here!

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