Tuesday, July 21, 2015

CVLT Nation is one of the best sites for the Bizarre, Morbid, Strange, Odd, Unique, Offbeat, Weird, and Occult!

SWEETHEARTSINNER love things which involve bizarre, weird, and esoteric subject matter. Having a long time interest in the occult ourselves, we appreciate those who are also interested in the occult. The best site for all things dark, macabre, and morbid, check out http://www.cvltnation.com.  This site has stuff on everything from music to art to culture on it. You can explore things as diverse as articles on vintage female pro wrestlers to watching William S. Burroughs videos on this site!

We are very pleased to now have some of our darker items for sale on CVLT and we wanted to promote the CVLT Nation Store which has work by many artists and crafters. We intend to have some CVLT Exclusive items as well!

CVLT Nation has a special aim for their store and we think they truly rock in their creed of what they want to do. Here's their about me page text:

"The CVLT Nation Bizarre is a dark arts marketplace where aficionados of everything occult, morbid and blackened will find what they need to furnish their daily lives. Our community is made up of artisans from around the world, people who have dedicated themselves to their craft and the lifestyle it represents. They are peers, friends and family whose passion drives them to create unique and beautiful products. By purchasing from the CVLT Nation Bizarre, you are participating in the new economy, one that eschews the corporate hierarchy and disposable culture we live in, and opts instead to support and promote the ancient artisan tradition in a modern, global way."

Some of our products are listed in their store, along with many fine darker artworks, clothing, and crafts! We appreciate any support you can give to this awesome community!

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