Friday, November 18, 2011

Zombies & Pin-Ups, Oh My!...Zombie Pin-Ups from Sweetheartsinner

Over at Sweetheartsinner, I came across a major problem a few years ago. I loved retro pin-ups. I loved zombies. But how could I choose between the two? What was a gal to do?

Have her brains and eat them too, of course!

And that's when I started making...zombie pin-ups! Yes, the glamorous world of the pin-up could join up with the decaying world of the zombie to produce this fracktacular union. Yes, pin-ups could be zombies!

They could still have their beautiful coiffed hairdos. They could still have killer, curvy bods. They'd just be decaying a bit. No biggie!

These are just a few of our glamorously undead pill boxes, cigarette/wallet cases, & necklaces:

For more from Sweetheartsinner (including MANY more zombie pin-up items), visit one of our two websites. Use the keywords "zombie" and/or "pinup" to find these great items and more!

These make wonderful gifts and particularly great stocking stuffers this holiday season!

Sweetheartsinner on Etsy
Sweetheartsinner on eBay


Astrid said...

How can you go wrong with zombies AND pinups...

COBUSA said...

Sweetheartsinner jewelry, pill cases, and cigarette cases and wallets make the perfect gifts! They are great stocking stuffers and are inexpensive as well. So much to choose from in their ebay and etsy stores. I love their thousands of different designs!