Friday, November 18, 2011

Owl I Know Is... Owl Inspired Jewelry from Sweetheartsinner Creations

Owls first became really popular in the 1970's-- we all remember owl items in our grandmothers' houses growing up. Remember the macrame hanging owls and ceramic owl cookie jars? I know I do! And of course, the kitsch factor was high, and earth-tones like rust orange and brown were all the rage.

Over the past few years, owls have made a major comeback. Designers are incorporating these regal birds into their handmade goods. At Sweetheartsinner Creations, we've paid homage to the owl in both kitschy and more "serious" designs.

Kitschy owl necklaces from Sweetheartsinner:

Victorian Steampunk inspired designs from Sweetheartsinner:

For more great items from Sweetheartsinner Creations (including MANY owl items), visit one of our two websites. Use the keyword "owl" to find these great items and more!

These make wonderful gifts and particularly great stocking stuffers this holiday season!

Sweetheartsinner on Etsy
Sweetheartsinner on eBay

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COBUSA said...

I love items which have retro owl designs on them. I have a huge obsession with owls! These designs are awesome. All sweetheartsinner jewelry, pill cases, and cigarette cases and wallets make perfect gifts! They are great stocking stuffers as well and are inexpensive as well. Over 2000+ items at under $10 each! So much to choose from in their ebay and etsy stores. I am able to find gifts for everyone on my shopping list in just one store! I love their thousands of different designs!