Friday, November 18, 2011

For the Misanthrope in All of Us...Retro Humor Products from Sweetheartsinner

We've all had one of those days. One of those days where some pedestrian crossing the street walks at a snail's pace, not giving a frack that YOU need to make YOUR appointment. Silly pedestrians...don't they know the street is for cars? : - )

But what to do to vent these frequent frustrations? Surely there must be something...anything...please!

Never fear! Sweetheartsinner is here! Sweetheartsinner carries a wide variety of products to help you express your deeply felt hatred of the world. Well, that might be going a little too far. Let's call it your deeply felt dislike of the world. There, that's better. Did you say you hated the world? Err...of course not!

For the misanthrope in us all....Sweetheartsinner pill boxes, cigarette/wallet cases, & necklaces:

For more items from Sweetheartsinner (including MANY more retro humor items), visit one of our two websites. Use the keywords "retro" and/or "humor" to find these great items and more!

These make wonderful gifts and particularly great stocking stuffers this holiday season!

Sweetheartsinner on Etsy
Sweetheartsinner on eBay

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COBUSA said...

I love items which have retro designs on them. I also love pinup art and humor as well. These designs are awesome. A bit of BAD GIRL sass and bad girl attitude! Retro Humor on these products make cool gifts! All sweetheartsinner jewelry, pill cases, and cigarette cases and wallets make perfect gifts! They are great stocking stuffers as well and are inexpensive as well. Over 2000+ items at under $10 each! So much to choose from in their ebay and etsy stores. I am able to find gifts for everyone on my shopping list in just one store! I love their thousands of different designs!