Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Which Lesbians Prefer Males? Vintage lesbian Pulp fiction sleaze paperback!

This 1960's era book asks the important social question....Which Lesbians Prefer Males?
This features cover art by Bill Edwards, who was a rodeo and film star as well as noted artist! He specialized in Western art but did cover art for many paperbacks in the 1960's. Here is one of the more racy titles from the Sixties.  It features a sexy brunette being spanked by a guy presumably because she is a lesbian. Accordingly, the artist and author believe that those lesbians that prefer males must be spanked to get them "straight".
While these books are not at all politically correct or sensitive, they are "campy" and fun in their own way. The obvious answer to the question posed is "NONE!" Lesbian paperbacks are fun to collect for their campy covers and taglines! They can be very valuable, make awesome displays, and are great cultural artifacts. Titles can be found on ebay for anywhere from $10 to $100 each.
I would love to see a book called "What heterosexuals prefer being gay?"
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