Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Worst Sci Fi Book Ever Written! The Troglodytes by Nal Rafcam

The Troglodytes by Nal Rafcam. Digit 1962. Cover artist unknown.

Undoubtedly pseudonymous author of the imaginatively unremarkable sf novel The Troglodytes, or Dwellers of the Deep (1961). The eponymous Lost Race of Aliens is discovered under Antarctica; they cause much worldwide mayhem before conveniently destroying themselves. The writing style, dense with malapropisms that suggest unskilled use of a thesaurus, closely resembles that of Graeme de Timms. It is probable that Rafcam and De Timms were pseudonyms of the same unidentified craptacular writer. 
A great review of this book was published here:

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