Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Best Zombie Themed Gifts on the Internet!

Zombie Times Magazine Cigarette Case is available for ZOMBIE HORROR LOVERS!

 The great case features a classic ZOMBIE Magazine parody of the Living Dead! Totally Gothic, Horror, and Kitsch! This features a beautiful zombie queen pin up girl who has been crowned "Miss Zombie". She holds her prize of a fresh, tasty brain! She is a beauty and has brains too! Do Zombies make better lovers? What are some diet tips to keep Zombies lean? What are current Zombie fashion trends? With this case in hand, you will speculate about all of these things! With this great ZOMBIE Times Magazine parody cigarette case, you'll get kitsch at its finest! This is a sweetheartsinner original design that you can only find at sweetheartsinner. Sweetheartsinner has an amazing selection of zombie themed cigarette cases, wallets, pill case and pill boxes, and zombie jewelry-all UNDER $10! They make the best gifts for any fan of ZOMBIES, the Walking Dead, Night of the Living Dead, zombie video games, and Zombie Walks! 


Anonymous said...

These are such fantastic zombie themed gifts! I found so many great zombie gifts for my friends!

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