Monday, June 8, 2015

Cigarette cases under $10!

Our goal in making these creations is to come up with wicked designs that you would never find in a regular store. We love to cull from the oddest little nooks and crannies of pop culture, rockabilly, goth, emo, punk, kitsch, pinup, psychobilly, tattoo, and more so that you never know what kind of strange, wonderful creations you might find! Please make sure to thoroughly peruse every category, because we have over 3,000 designs and you never know where you might find the next killer jem. These necklaces, pill boxes, and ID Wallets and Cigarette cases would truly make awesome, unique gifts for friends, family, girlfriends/boyfriends, or whoever you might think of. Almost ALL of my items are under $10 and we do not over-charge on shipping so even those on a tight-budget can enjoy these creations.

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