Friday, February 26, 2016

Nifty Poems about Sweetheartsinner Products!

MORE CUSTOMER APPRECIATION photos for Sweetheartsinner Creations and some poetry to go long with them!


Captain Kitty was a sailing cat. He loved to sail with a Captain;s hat! He is brave and kind and runs a tight ship!A pill case featuring him is super hip!

Zombie Girl business card holders are awesome insane! Featuring a pinup zombie girl on a giant brain! It can hold you business cards, money, and so much more! And will help you fight the coming zombie hoards!

Sweetheartsinner Pill cases are perfect for your daily pills! They will fit in your purse and help with your ills! Vitamins, pills, and even coins they can fit! These sweetheartsinner pill cases are the perfect fit!

Ouija Board pill cases are quite a nice treat! Sweetheartsinner has many designs that are really quite neat! So, if you looking for a gift that is custom and right! Look to sweetheartsinner and you will have a good night!

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Truman Daley-Douglas said...

Halloween is just around the corner and sweetheartsinner has the perfect items to compliment any outfit or costume! From Ouija board rings to Halloween themed necklaces, we have something for everyone. We have dozens of Edgar Allan Poe designs on pill cases, cigarette cases, wallets, and necklaces.


We also have some very creepy designs that are sure to scare and delight. For the more crazy, we have many Victorian Post Mortem designs as well in our shops. These make great conversation pieces and will certainly freak out those relatives!


Sweetheartsinner also offers some truly horrific pulp designs with horror themes. These are campy and fun and make great gifts! If you love zombies, look no further, Sweetheartsinner has dozens of zombie themed items for any Night of the Living Dead of Walking Dead fan!


For the more Satanic minded, we also have a large selection of Satanic themed items. These are certainly great to compliment Halloween costumes as well as pledge your souls to Satan!