Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Guide to Halloween Gifts on Etsy

A Guide to Halloween Gifts on Etsy

Halloween 2015 is just around the corner and with parties coming up and costumes to buy, you'll want to make sure you have those creepy and fun Halloween accessories and little gifts for friends and family. You'll love these gift ideas that will not break your bank!!!!

Sweetheartsinner has over 3,000 great gift ideas for under $10.  There is so much to choose from! From awesome cigarette cases and wallets to useful and creative designed pill boxes to unique handmade necklaces, there is for certain something that can be found on this great etsy store. Their store carries over a hundred items with vintage Halloween graphics.

With over 9 years on ETSY and over 10 years on ebay, Sweetheartsinner has a long track record of sales with thousands of satisfied customers! All items are shipped from Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. so there is never a worry about Asian customs and slow shipping times. Supporting a small etsy business is always a good things as well! :-)

Sweetheartsinner offers CREEPY gifts like these interesting skull themed wallet and cigarette case selections:

Sweetheartsinner also has many great Edgar Allan Poe designs on necklaces, pill boxes, and wallets and cigarette cases. Poe summons the Halloween Spirit like no other author in History with his creepy gothic imagery and Autumn vibe! Hark the Raven!!!

And for some truly dark gifts ideas and items, Sweetheartsinner has a wide selection of post mortem items from Victorian imagery going all the way to the 1920's. These are fascinating and creepy at the same time. Women lying in coffins, children posing by their dead siblings, a dead couple where even in death, they are still together! Bizarre, strange, esoteric and awesome conversation starters!

And what Halloween would be Halloween in 2015 without a mention of ZOMBIES! Sweetheartsinner has a ton of great zombie themed Halloween items! These are colorful and great for any fan of the Walking Dead TV series or would like a The Night of the Living Dead movie poster cigarette case or wallet!


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