Monday, January 13, 2014

Roller Derby Necklace-perfect gift!

ROLLER DERBY Necklaces Galore! Sweetheartsinner has dozens of different designs! SHS also has roller derby designs in cigarette and pill cases!
This is a great Roller derby themed necklace- you won't find this design anywhere but here because this is a SHS original! Baby deer wearing roller skates!! How can you go wrong here? Perfect gift for that roller gal in your life! As a fan of watching some kick ass roller derby, Sweetheartsinner decided to make this special cute kawaii roller skating design!
At only $7.00 each (and these are handcasted out of metal-no plastic here!), they are awesome!

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Truman Daley-Douglas said...

Perfect roller derby gift! Sweetheartsinner is the best! This is a totally awesome store for roller derby gifts. Roller derby design in neat pill cases and ciagrette cases and they have some of the best roller derby girl pinup designs of any etsy store I have ever seen. Sweetheartsinner roller derby gifts are at and all are under $10!