Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Zombie & Kawaii designs mixed together in utter cuteness!

At Sweetheartsinner, we like to mix a little sin in your little sweet heart! We find some of our best sellers to be those items which appeal to the esoteric nature of the more alternative crowds which frequent our shop. Zombie themed items are some our favorite subjects! Cute animals are also some of our favorite things! At only $7.50 each, these make great gifts, perfect stocking stuffers, and wonderful littel trinket boxes. Many customers buy our pill cases along with some vitamins and give them as thoughtful gifts that don't break their wallets! https://www.etsy.com/shop/sweetheartsinner

Roller Derby Gifts

Sweetheartsinner produces some of the best Roller Derby themed products in America! These make great gifts for that jammin' roller derby fanatic in your life. 90% of our products are under $10! We feature awesome graphics and full of attitude sayings which show the pluck and sassyness of roller derby culture! We also have made custom products wholesale for entire teams to sell at their events. From necklaces, to pill cases, to cigarette cases, wallets, and rings, we can accomodate your team in these areas! Visit SWEETHEARTSINNER